Commercial Security and Access Control Systems

commercial access control

NorthStar Security, Inc. is a leader in Commercial Security and Access Control Systems.  We offer more than 600 products ranging from control panels, badging systems, readers and credentials, and locks and egress devices, to visitor management, integrated systems and Web-based access control solutions.

Access Control Systems are an essential part of keeping your business and employees safe and secure.  When installing a system keep the following tips in mind:

1. Designate only a few employees that are allowed to open and lock your office at the start and end of the business day. Ideally, entrance doors should only be unlocked when someone is there to monitor who is coming and going. If your office is equipped with an access control system, the system should remain 'on control' until reception coverage begins. The system should then be put back 'on control' as soon as possible after reception coverage ends. Part of the closing procedure should include checking areas such as closets and restrooms where persons could hide. If it is necessary to accommodate employees arriving and departing before or after reception coverage, install electronic card access on one (or more) access doors.

2. Where electronic access control is in place, issue access cards on the basis of 'least access to perform a specific job function'. Twenty-four hour, 7-day-a-week access should only be assigned to employees who really require it as part of their job function. Delete missing, lost, or stolen cards immediately. At least annually, you should request employees to produce their assigned access card. Review access records regularly and follow-up on cards that are not used on a frequent basis. If cards cannot be accounted for, they should be deleted.

3. Request employees to wear their access cards as a method of making strangers stand out. To discourage unwanted visitors, install video surveillance systems at entrances.