Wireless Video Surveillance

Videofied Motion CameraWhy choose Videofied over another alarm system?
A traditional alarm system notifies you that a sensor was tripped, but can't verify who or what tripped the alarm.  Videofied Motion Viewers send a short video clip every time the built-in PIR motion sensor trips, providing immediate verification to the operator at our central monitoring station and enabling Priority Response from the police to make an arrest and stop the intruder.

Where can I install a Videofied System?
The entire system is wireless and capable of running on batteries, so it can be installed anywhere there is a cell tower.  The system communicates over the 3G/4G GSM cell network or a wired internet connection.  For remote sites where GSM signal is low, directional Yagi antenna kits are available.

Think of the possibilities!  This system is completely wireless and the devices can be moved from place to place.  This solution is perfect for homes, businesses, construction sites, vacant buildings, large office parks, neighborhood pools  and any facility that has set hours of operation.

If you want quicker response from the Police, Videofied is a great solution.