Automation & Energy Mgmt

green living houseNorthStar Security's Energy Management Solutions can help you lower your bills and protect the environent without sacraficing any comfort.  Imagine a home where you can control the temperature, lighting, water heaters and more!  With a security system from NSS that is easy to do.  

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Lighting Control
Integrating the lighting system in your home with your security system is a great way to reduce unnecessary usage of lights while providing significant energy savings.  Motion sensors used to detect intrusion can also be used to monitor the occupancy of a room and automatically turn lights off in rooms that are not occupied.  Lights can be turned off when your security system is armed in away mode and you can also choose to turn lights on at a dimmed setting to save bulbs and energy.  

thermostat controlClimate Control
Heating and cooling accounts for up to 45% of the energy consumption in a home or commercial building.  Automated climate control can offer you substantial energy savings.  Our systems can also control air ducts to reduce airflow to normally unoccupied rooms.  

Water ConservationElectric Water Heaters and Water Conservation
Water heating accounts for nearly 20% of energy consumption in homes and businesses.  Controlling the water heater is an easy way to save energy.  Our system uses a heavy duty relay to control the water heater, allowing it to automatically be turned off when your system is armed to away mode, during late hours, and while away on vacation.  We can also add sprinkler control to your system and schedule your lawn sprinklers during early morning hours when it is most effective.  Watering schedules can easily conform to community ordinances.  Our systems can even incorporate rain and soil moisture sensors to prevent watering when it is unnecessary.

blindsWindow Coverings
A great deal of heating and cooling is lost through your windows.  Controlling your shades and blinds can help the heating/cooling system work more efficiently, saving you money.  Our systems can control electronic window coverings in the summer to prevent radiant heat from raising temperatures in the premise and in the winter to allow natural heat from the sun to warm the room.  Closing shades/blinds at night during the winter helps trap heat inside and prevents cool air from seeping in.  Not to mention that it is also a theft deterrent.

Keeping You Informed
Your security system can notify you of important events with a variety of alerts.  When you are away, you can receive voice messages via phone.  You can also use any phone to check and control your system.  We can also provide you with notifications via email or text message.  

Here are some examples of the on site and off site notification options:

  • Security and Safety Alerts
  • Critical Temperatures
  • Water Leaks
  • Visitors/Deliveries
  • Children arriving home from school

Reminders for:

  • Replacing Air & Water Filters
  • Replacing Smoke/CO Detector Batteries
  • Garbage/Recycling Pick-up Day
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries and other Important Dates