Top 10 Home Security Tips

home sec tips1. Get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors are often the first ones to notice when something doesn't "look right" at your home.

2. It's important to use a high quality deadbolt lock on your doors and to use an additional blocking device on sliding glass doors. Windows are often much less attended to than doors, so check them throughout your home routinely.

3. Install drapes or blinds on all lower level windows and doors, including the garage. Most burglaries actually occur during the middle of the day, so keeping your possessions and cars hidden from intruders is important.

4. Install flood lights or sensor lights on the exterior of the home.  Burglars are far less likely to enter a well-lit residence.

5. Keep a well-manicured lawn. This can emphasize that you pay close attention to your home, whereas an overgrown lawn can suggest vacancy to a possible burglar.

6. When traveling, make sure you have someone checking on the house collecting your mail and newspapers; a pile of papers on the driveway is a tell-tale sign that your family is away.

7. Keep all doors and windows locked even when your at home and never hide keys to your home outside.

8. Install an alarm system. Make sure all household members are trained properly in working the alarm and use it daily.  Post stickers on the exterior of the home and have a yard sign indicating your alarm service helping to discourage possible intruders.

9. Have smoke detectors wired into your alarm system. Place them on each level of your home. A monitored smoke detector will notify you and the fire station if they are activated.

10. To insure that your alarm will not be disabled if your phone line is cut, have a Cell Unit installed as a backup to your system.

nss sealWe hope you find this helpful.

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