Security Cameras

ip-camera-monitor-viewVideo Surveillance for Your Home

NorthStar Security is ready to assist you with the design of a cost-effective video surveillance system for your home.  The cost of a high-resolution camera / hard drive recorder based system has dropped dramatically over the past few years. We are seeing more and more homeowners install systems that only large businesses could afford before.

At NSS, we are constantly evaluating camera distributors and suppliers in an effort to provide you with the highest quality equipment at the lowest prices. Give us a call - we think you will be surprised at how affordable a security camera system can be.

Here are some tips you should consider before purchasing your Home Security Camera System:

Total Connect Video footage on IphoneNot all cameras are created equal:  NSS has spent countless hours researching what cameras work best in a residential setting.  We look for features such as image quality, cost, product warranty, average life span, and ease of use.  We have narrowed down the myriad of options and are proud to offer a catalog of cameras that best fit the needs of our customers.  

Analog versus IP Camera Systems: Our consultants have been trained on both Analog and IP camera systems and can help you decide which system will work best for you or even if a hybrid system is your best solution.  

Professional Installation:  Leave it to the experts!  Installing your security camera system is an intricate task.  Our technicians will take into account lighting, camera placement, wire runs, home aesthetics, programming, remote accessibility, and we will continue to provide you with on going support.  The cameras and recording devices we offer come with very high ratings and warranty so you will know you are making a wise purchase.